Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not-So-Far Away Travels

The last blog was about chips (chocolate that is), so this one will be about trips. aahh..things are making sense now, no? See...I didn't just choose this blog title because it rhymes and sounds good, unlike many of my actions, this one actually had a point. So, here goes a trip. It wasn't very far -- just a few blocks from my place.

Actually, I've ran past many of these parts on countless morning runs, and never really thought twice about taking a picture. I'm glad I did though. Maybe it was the cloudiness, or the rain from the night before that left things a bit greener than usual, or maybe because I finally stopped sucking at taking pictures with my new camera...but something about the colors in these photos makes me long for more rainy days.

Doesn't this bench just say "sit here"? Well, it did to me. So I sat down, and noticed someone else must have too. Someone else also ate breakfast on it, and this someone else dropped some Cheerios (click on photo to confirm), woops. Oh well, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who liked it. :)


  1. Ha Ha! Why did you sit on someone's breakfast???

  2. Lovely post and wonderful pictures =)

    I need to update my own blog...hehe =P